Time to pamper me thinks…

Evening treacle’s!  and how are we all ? well its stupid o’clock in the morning so of course I’ll be doing a blog! This blog is going to show you a new product I’ve managed to get my hands on… I’ve seen this product called Marine Mud Mask for a while on line and I finally decided to give it a try! I was shocked to hear that not only can it be used mostly as a face mask, but that in fact it is one of the most versatile products from the range.
It works on blackheads, cold sores, verruca’s, acne, bites, stretch marks, detoxes the skin, and much more.
The dark patches and spots that appear as the mask dries, is in fact all the oils and impurities being brought to the surface of the skin, completely cleaning out the pores. It leaves the skin deep cleansed and smooth for days after use. I also found my skin tightening once it dried. If anyone fancies getting hold of this product, then you can purchase only through distributors, you can message my friend Sj direct at LusciousYouBeauty , Or you can tweet her via @Sj_nufc or visit her Instagram ‪SaraJayneNufc go on treat yourself.

I also have some other items from Sj, so I’ll be vlogging & blogging very soon!

Much Love