Pukka up time!

Blimey NikkiLee’s on a roll 🙂 well its cold & vile outside so I thought I’d do a review of a procedure I had recently…

Now everyone & their dog has many, if not millions of hang ups about themselves, I have too many to count…but hey that’s another blog… One of the things that troubled me were my lips, I was never happy ( I never am ) So a few years ago I had some filler added to them, they weren’t badly done, but they never quiet looked how I’d imagined, so I was always left a tad unsatisfied.

So on the 20th January 2017 I decided to see Dr Vikram from Harley Academy Clinics I quickly clocked that my previous attempts of seeking advice and help with this procedure was a waste of time, I learnt that previous clinics had not really explained the full ins & outs, and just wanted to make a quick buck. In the industry I am in its quite easy to go over the top with everything, from nails, hair extensions, boob jobs and face procedures, I never wanted massive over the top fake lips, I just wanted to enhance what I already had been blessed with 🙂  

Luckily I have found the way forward with my lips, upon visiting the clinic, I was welcomed and made to feel at ease, the staff were all lovely and accommodating, and the setting of the clinic was very relaxed so I didn’t feel tense of nervous.

With regards to the treatment, we discussed what I wanted to achieve and then I had localized anaesthetic cream put on my lips, to start the numbing process, I’m not going to lie and say it didn’t hurt , there were some parts were it seemed a bit tender, but as the procedure wore on it got easier.

I had a filler called Belotero injected in to my top and bottom lips, as soon as it was over you could see the difference, I did bruise slightly, but I managed to find a decent lip gloss that covered it, and the swelling only lasted 2 days 🙂 This definitely wont be my last visit, I finally feel comfortable with my doctor, and I cant recommend them enough.

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Here’s a photo… plenty more to follow

Much Love