The best nails you’ll ever get!

Evening everyone, i hope your all good… i’m back to speak about my nails, now i have had false nails for time, i’ve had some mad nails, trust me,but i thought it was time i grew my own, so i got in touch with Sophie Coventon & made an appointment way back in December 2022, and seriously it was the thing i ever did, if you ant to grow your on nails then BIAB is the way forward.

BIAB or Builder in a Bottle is a gel-like nail polish applied as an overlay on natural nails. It works like a gel , but it dries strong and durable, meaning you’re less likely to chip between sessions.

So there you have it, my nail journey from December until june this year,i’ve started again as my nails were getting too long.

So if you want to grow your nails, get in touch with Sophie Coventon … thanks for all your support.


Love always