A little review for my girl Holly Sheen …x

Slack slack slack, thats what i’ve been, no excuses, just slack lol … but i’m back with a little review of my eyebrow microblading that i had done by the talanted Holly Sheen.

Now i’ve been a regular customer to Holly for many many years, and i trust everything she does beauty wise, so wheni decided to have my eye brows microbladed, i knew she was the right girl for the job. Now i first got these done way back in 2017, i did have a top up in 2018, and they are still going strong! The process was quick, and the pain was bearable, more of a scrathing sensation than pain.


If you want more information you can contact Holly via her website here Holly Sheen I cant recomend her enough, she also does my famous eyelashes 🙂

Microblading before and after :
Enhancing your eyebrows in the most natural way using micro needles with pigment to create hair like strokes to add shape and thickness to your brows which is customised to each clients personal preference.
Time it takes: around 2hours
Healing time: around 2 weeks (second top up needed 6 weeks later)
Lasting time: 8mouths – a year
Deposit: £50 deposit required
Patch test: up to 48hours before treatment


Much Love