Time to blog a bit me thinks….

Evening world how are we all? February already??? seriously? Happy new year and all that jazz…I know I’m a tad late but hey ho…

So whats going on in NikkiLee’s world…well 2017 is aready shaping up nicely 🙂 I started the year off working at Excel for the London Boat Show for The Dream Lodge Group which I absolutely love to pieces! I’ll be at more shows this year with The Dream Lodge Group so keep your eyes pealed 🙂

Tomorrow, myself & my Chihuahua Midgey are filming something very random & different, I’ll be filming with my good friends Diane Spencer & Kevin Shepherd in the madness of London, I really cant wait, I’ll be filming some behind the scenes footage, to hopefully film a cheeky vlog!

While I’m here and raring to go I finally got hold of some Phen Q tablets, and I rally cant wait to start on them, I’ve heard such good things, so I’ll be testing them out and letting you know my results asap 🙂

Right I best finish packing! I’ll will speak to you all very soon 🙂

Much Love