Gotta give it a try a?

Evening treacles & geezers…and how are we all? mental times for me which is all good, but my social medias have taken a back seat, so i thought I’d jump on here now to do a cheeky ickle review & a quick update.


So last year i was sent these two tablets to try, and seeing as Jodie Marsh was fronting them i thought sweet, bound to work….alas no, nothing what so ever changed, it may just be me, but i was gutted that nothing seemed to change? that’s not to say they wont work for you, but i noticed diddly squat. I saw how hot Jodie was looking & thought happy days get these bad boys down me Gregory, but no, nothing lol! i didn’t have any side effects, but the taste of the tablets weren’t to clever, I’ll leave the link here, JST  Let me know if you decide to try them. 🙂


So whats been going on in the world of NikkiLee? for starters I’ve gone vegan! yassss and I’m loving it. I’ve lost over a stone & feel so focused i cant even begin to explain! Give it a try! I also got myself a personal trainer called Liza …deffo check her out, shes transformed me!Liza

I’ve been sent loads of product & items to review, so I’m starting to film for my you tube, make sure you subscribe for all the latest updates! YouTube

And thats about it for now…Thank you for all your support!

All my loving