So 2018 ….

Good evening my ickle popples! At last I’ve sorted myself out & got on here! I will get better I promise, but this year has been mental already! So firstly, I hope you had a fab new year & all that jazz…Now I need ya help… so next Sunday (25th Feb) I will be jumping put of a plane doing a sky dive for charity, I need donations badly, I’ve just hit £1,200:00 but I wanna hit £4,000:00…All you have to do is either click this link to donate JustGiving or simply text your donation, you text the number 70070 with SDNL77 £10 as the text 🙂 Thank you to all those who have donated so far, I’m so pleased, but I really want to smash the target!

Right there is a lot to mention, but I feel I need to post more on here rather than bombard you all…so keep ya eyes on the prize & I’ll speak to you all very soon…
Much Love