New year…new me

Good morning my ickle treacles….yes I’m still up at 4:40am, living the dream on New Years Day!

Happy New Year to you all, i hope it was a good un 🙂

I’m trying my hardest to become a decent blogger, but how much blog is too much? or how much is not enough? hmmm, we shall see… Well i hope you all had a fab crimbo, I’m just glad its over, so I can crack on with work, I cant stand the 2 weeks of nothing-ness!

In NikkiLee news, I’ve just joined a new app, which is called ‘Eva’, its a really cool app where you simply load random video clips, so get downloading EVA and i shall follow you back 🙂

So with the New Year, comes new mind sets, work is going to be mental so keep checking back t my site, as this is where all the news will be!

Right I\’m shattered and chatting shizzel, so i shall leave you …until next time…

Much Love

NikkiLee xxx