Galaxy Ball Team EARTH Ep 5 Tactics (Full Episode)

5. The team reveal some of the mechanics of Galaxy Ball itself and what tactics they will employ to bring Earth to victory.

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Series Credits Cast: Neil Cole, Nikki Lee, Milo McCabe, Carly Smallman, Diane Spencer, Wendy Wason Dogs: Bea, Buddy, Crumble, Heath, Heston, Indie, Lilly, Midgey
Directed: Kevin Shepherd
Created by Diane Spencer.
Thank you to the owners of the dogs who donated their time. No animals were hurt or placed in any danger during the filming of this series.

Fantastic music by

Additional footage courtesy of NASA, European Space Agency, European Southern Observatory, the Federal Space Agency.

Editor/Writer/Colourist: Diane Spencer

Grateful thanks to Patrick Chapman, Rebecca Coleman-Smith, Robin Kieran Deb, Lucy Frederick and James Williamson, Samantha Groom, Nicola Musk, Robyn Perkins, Carly Piggott, Des Spencer, Carol Spencer, Jennifer Spencer and the Four Thieves pub, Clapham.

Miss Spencer’s biscuits supplied by Mr Biscuits of Newton Abbot.

An Ashcroft films production. Copyright Diane Spencer 2017.

A note on copyright: I do not own any of the NASA footage, and I do not own the dog footage as shown in the opening credits only. I do not own the end zoom out animation, this was created by Zlydoc: I do own and retain the copyright on all character and dog footage included in the episode body after the opening credits. These episodes are for entertainment only, and not monetised in the hope that the original owners of the borrowed footage will see how it contributes to the piece as a whole.