Review by N Anthony Mason

Nikki Lee is the quintessential evolution of a UK model.

Having worked with Nikki over a decade while capturing imagery with her for commercial, glamour and promotional fields, I feel best qualified to express her importance to my output and the output of those lucky enough to work with her. Nikki is a bundle of fun, first and foremost. Do not let this statement lead you into thinking that she is unprofessional (nothing could be further from the truth), but instead let it reassure you that anytime spent in her company will be pleasant and mutually beneficial.

Nikki is also great on the creative front, with the ability to follow direction but also contribute to the overall experience – helping to keep you and your client happy with the outcome. Nikki essentially designed the roadmap for today’s promotional model, working closely with other brands and being confident in herself and her abilities. As a model trainer, I still use ‘Nikki-isms’ when training models for fashion and commercial output, with many of the skills I employ today being able to find their developmental roots alongside my early work with Nikki. She is a vastly talented and well respected model across the international scene and she has a great knowledge of her own brand (as well as her positive impact on others), making her a great collaborative partner also.

I have no issue with recommending Nikki, I throughly believe that she is still incredibly underrated as a model and even now she has no qualms in putting a good photographer through his paces – something I throughly respect and admire after such a journeyed and fruitful career.

BY: @nanthonymason