When you hear the name NikkiLee a few things come to mind: blonde, mouthy, and busty!

nikkileeFrom a young age I’ve always been loud and outgoing, I have my dad to blame for that! Yet in certain situations I can be shy which stems from my mum.

To look at me when I was at school you would never have guessed I turned out the way I did. I was so in to my Thundercats, Star Wars, and West Ham, the thought of make-up and girly stuff made me shudder! I was bullied severely at school, and had no one to back me up, so I became more and more reserved. Hard to believe I know!

Once I left school I owned my own business for a while and my life seriously turned around, I became more outspoken and more confident. I also found out about make-up… finally! A few of my friends are in the entertainment industry, and they always encouraged my confidence. I owe them a lot! You know who you are 😉

Like any normal girl I had a couple of bad experiences with guys, one who totally wrecked my confidence and basically shattered my dreams of ever becoming a model, It took me so long to build up my confidence in the first place, but I slowly got back to where I am now. But what goes around comes around! I heavily believe in karma, and believe me it come back around!

The rocky road to where I am now didn’t start of to normal, I’ve tried many things, from dancing to TV presenting. At one point I was a backing dancer for a singer friend of mine, and on this particular night I was due to dance, but the other dancer pulled out, I still wanted to go and support my friend, but the only way I could get in the club for free was to photocopy my cleavage, so I did! To my surprise they held the picture up on stage. Me and my mates cheered and a photographer approached me about a publicity stunt, so I went fully topless for this particular publicity stunt which went full page in the Daily Sport paper that weekend.

The following week I noticed Jordan on the front of the Daily Sport so I had to buy it to have a bit nosey at what she was up to, I noticed a ‘Search For A Star’ competition, having had a taste of the paper already, I sent my pictures in, I got chosen straight away for the heats, and that’s where my modelling started!

There it took off. I went from papers, to TV, to bike shows, to car shows, to even helping Jordan on 2 TV shows!

On April the 1st 2006 I won ‘Fast Car Wannabe’ competition and was featured in the magazine. I then went on to win ‘Miss Fast & Furious’ on the 26th June 2006, then onto winning ‘USC’s Miss Promo’ on 6th August 2006 & finally on 3rd September I won ‘Breast Of Britain’ for Fast Car Magazine with Aly Paul.

I had also become a regular face on the babe channels and on November 20th 2008 I won *Best Presenter* at the UKAFTA awards.

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It really has been a crazy couple of years, but I’ve loved every minute of it!

Now my site is on the up, I couldn’t be happier!

Live life to the fullest, you never know what lies ahead!

I want to take this chance to thank my webmaster, family, friends, and of course my fans!

You’ve all put up with the blondeness that is NikkiLee! Here’s to the future! You’re all part of it!


NikkiLee xxx